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The Best Products for Wavy Hair

Taming my curls is not something that came easily to me. In fact, I never even tried to style my curls in high school or college, simply because I didn’t know how. I knew I didn’t want crunchy curls like the ones I’d get when I use mousse or gel. And diffusing my hair didn’t always turn out the way I’d hope. It wasn’t until I learned the power of conditioning my curls that I finally realized they were tame-able. And over the past few years, I’ve discovered ways to enhance my natural waves and curls with the best products for wavy hair!

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To Curl, or Not to Curl

My hair is kind of unusual. It’s oily, meaning I must wash it at least every other day to avoid looking like a greaser punk. Fine and limp, it doesn’t have much natural body or texture.

Despite the fine texture, my hair is thick (when my thyroid levels are stable). It has a natural wave but can easily be straightened even without a flatiron. Curling my hair with curling irons or hot rollers was the only way I could get defined curls until I found this collection of curling products.

Now, I rarely apply heat to my hair. Since finding these products for wavy hair, I've started to wear my hair naturally, applying little heat or styling. Instead, I use these products to enhance my natural curls. Check them out!

Curls Start in the Shower

For me, it all started with the right shampoo and conditioner. As I said before, my life changed when I finally realized how important it was to condition my hair. I’d typically avoided conditioning my hair altogether because it would always become super greasy and weighted down when I did. But a girlfriend of mine (with perfect curls) swore that the secret to her hair success was conditioner.

So, I started experimenting and soon learned that applying conditioner to the ends of my hair or reverse conditioning my hair (condition then shampoo) helped to define my curls. It also helped to find OGX Coconut Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are lightweight yet rich, giving my hair the moisture it needs without weighing it down too much.

Make Waves

Another product that changed my life was the Curl Mousse by Bumble & Bumble. As I said before, I HATE crunchy curls, so I typically avoid mousse. So, it was no surprise that I was a bit skeptical when my new stylist suggested the B&B mousse. After one application I was hooked! My curls looked amazing and were super soft. No more crunchy curls!

I've also fallen hard for Rich Kids Coconut Gel. It's super nourishing and creates long-lasting curls. Don't let the price deter you from trying this gel. A little will go a long way. I typically use this product when I plan to enhance my natural curls with my curling iron. I love that it doesn't harden my hair after applying the heat the way some gels can (remember LA Looks???). 

Prime for Pretty Curls

Once I realized I could trust my stylist, I started asking about other products she recommended. Her allegiance to Bumble & Bumble piqued my interest, so I asked for samples to take home. She highly recommended the Curl Defining Crème and Style Primer, both of which were developed to help define waves and curls.

It took a while to figure out the right amount of both to use, but once I did, I was shocked. The crème alone made a huge difference! I now use a combination of all three (primer, crème, mousse) to create a headful of killer curls.

Salty Hair, Don't Care

For days when I want easy waves, I turn to my favorite beach wave product, Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Spray. Other beach sprays work well, but this one is the perfect price for my budget. Other beach sprays worth trying are Lush and Bumble & Bumble. While you're at it, be sure to try the Beach Babe Texturizing Cream and the Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo

Other Great Beach Wave Products

Rita Hayworth-y Hair

Sometimes I like a more polished look, meaning I’ll pull out the old curling iron to create Classic Hollywood style waves. I never forget to apply Living Proof’s Perfect Day Hair 5-in-1 styling cream before styling. Not only does it protect my hair, but it also helps reduce frizz and adds shine.

Waves & Looks that Could Kill

Bouncy & Beautiful Waves

And when I need a little hold, I turn to Aussie Mega’s Sprunch Spray (aerosol). The magical formula keeps my curls defined and adds texture without making my hair stiff. Just be sure to apply to dry hair, or else you’ll get the dreaded crunchy curls.

Condition Your Curls

For extra dry days, I’ll use OGX Coconut Curl Hair Butter conditioning crème. Heavier than the daily Coconut Curls conditioner, this super-rich formula helps restore moisture with surprising little grease or oil. It washes out clean and leaves my hair soft and full.

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