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Coping with a Long Commute to Work

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of time…” Dickens bellows forth from my car stereo speakers. Never before have those words summed up my life as well as they did in that moment as I sat in traffic. Commuting long hours to work is just about the worst thing imaginable. Never-ending traffic…

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Become a Better Goal Setter Today!

Simply put, a goal is something you’re trying to achieve. At least that’s how the dictionary defines it. But goals are a little more complicated than that, right? If not, would we ever have unmet goals? Goals are one of the many things that make us human, that set’s us apart from other species. Achieving…

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Coping with Moving Cross Country

Coping with Moving Cross Country | Moving Tips | Relocating | Moving to Los Angeles | Preparing for a Move | Moving Resources | Relocation Resources

Moving cross country is hard, y’all. And coping with moving cross country can be just as tough. There’s so much preparation, planning, and energy that goes into moving. With all the activity before the move, it’s easy to feel a little let down once you get settled into your new home. Being separated by 1000s…

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