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9 Reasons to Use SmugMug for Photo Storage

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There really are so many reasons to use SmugMug. It’s changed so much about my blogging, my photography, and my pride in my images. The eCommerce capabilities, complete image control, and thoughtfully designed layouts are just of the few reasons I use SmugMug. Disclaimer: Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links.…

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How a Blog is Born: The Story of a Cajun in Cali

How to Start a Blog | A Blog is Born | Blogging | Why Blog | Why I Blog

Curious about why or how a blog is born? After all, who blogs anymore anyway? Isn’t blogging sooo¬†2008? Well, to learn more about why this blog exists we’ll need to flashback to summer 2015. The Professor and I were in Florence, Italy. An incredible 2-week vacation was coming to an end. I’d just photographed a…

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