9 Reasons to Use SmugMug for Photo Storage

There really are so many reasons to use SmugMug. It's changed so much about my blogging, my photography, and my pride in my images. The eCommerce capabilities, complete image control, and thoughtfully designed layouts are just of the few reasons I use SmugMug.

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Signing up for SmugMug was seriously one of the smartest things I've ever done. I couldn't be happier with the service and find it an excellent value for the price. And SmugMug is a step ahead when it comes to other online photo management systems. I know that the time and money I spend on my SmugMug account is totally worth it, both now and in the future, as my photography portfolio grows.

Because I wholeheartedly believe in this product, I've taken the time to write a review of all the reasons to use SmugMug. Hopefully, you'll be convinced to give it a shot. If so, be sure to use my affiliate link to support my photography hobby and save 15% on any new subscription!

On-the-Go Access to Photos

With SmugMug, I have access to my photos no matter where I am. I can download full-size images for use in social media campaigns or share original images with anyone directly from SmugMug. This gives me the flexibility I need to work on-the-go.

For people like me who love to travel, it's important to have that flexibility. Just the other day I was able to show off my photography to a friend simply by visiting my SmugMug site. And my SmugMug portfolio is easy to share with potential blog partners, too.

Off-Site Source for Blog Images

SmugMug is where I house all my photos for the blog. Rather than using my WordPress storage, I create beautiful galleries of images in SmugMug. Now my photos are more organized than using the WordPress media storage.

Because I'm using off-site storage, I'm also able to serve larger versions of my images in blog posts without straining my server or slowing my site. This helps make my blog beautiful, as well as user-friendly. The photo size I'm able to serve on my blog is one of the best reasons to use SmugMug, in my opinion.

Using the URL generated for each photo uploaded to SmugMug, I can easily link images to any blog post. My images are populated only when the page is uploaded by an individual user, which helps to minimize drag time on my server.

eCommerce Capabilities

Although I'm not currently selling my images for profit, I do hope to one day be able to make money from some of my travel photos. This is one of many reasons I continue to learn and grow as a photographer. I love knowing that my SmugMug account can grow with me.

With a simple upgrade, I can begin to sell my photos to blog readers, travel industry providers, or anyone interested in my images. It's reassuring to know that I won't have to start from scratch to create a new portfolio when I'm ready to take that next step.

Image Protection Controls

Another one of the reasons to use SmugMug is the ability to set protections for each image or collection of images based on my needs. SmugMug allows users to set right-click protection, restrict downloading, and limit social media sharing options, all of which help to protect images.

Users can also select the specific Creative Commons license for each photo, meaning I can allow some images to be used without restriction while fully restricting others. With SmugMug I have complete control over my images, which is the way it should be.

Organized Image Galleries

SmugMug gives users complete control over their image galleries, allowing users to hide or restrict visibility if desired. And while a gallery can be private, individual pictures in the gallery can be shared despite the gallery restrictions. I use this option to host galleries of images from sponsored posts; those images are perfect for my blog posts but not necessarily for the aesthetics of my SmugMug portfolio.

In addition, organizing existing galleries is as simple as 1-2-3 with the organization tools. You can select single images to edit, delete, or move, as well as make custom edits to entire galleries. I use the bulk edit options to add tags and make global changes rather than editing one-by-one.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom

By far one of my favorite reasons to use SmugMug is the Lightroom plugin! With this handy application, I'm able to upload straight from my favorite photo editing software, Lightroom, directly to an existing SmugMug gallery. Publishing photos to SmugMug after making necessary changes is so simple with this plugin. The time I've saved over the past year by using this plugin has been more than worth every cent I've paid for SmugMug.

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User-Friendly Design

Every SmugMug user can personally select a design for their portfolio from the many pre-designed layouts. And adding widgets, logos, and branding is also an option. Users can easily upload blog headers and other branded content to maximize continuity, as well as use customized domain names to further streamline their content delivery services. In addition, users can also use custom CSS to make changes to the pre-designed layouts or further customize their portfolio.

Search-Engine Friendly

SmugMug makes it super easy to control search-engine visibility when it comes to photos. Any photo uploaded to SmugMug can be searchable with the simple button click. This is another great way to drive traffic to a blog or website.

Users can also use tags and titles to further optimize images for search engines. Images can also be linked to blog posts associated with the images by simply adding a hyperlink to the blog post in the image caption. And with one-click editing, making changes to an entire gallery of images is a breeze.

Fully-Integrated Smartphone App

The fact that SmugMug offers fully-integrated smartphone apps is another one of the best reasons to use SmugMug. I use my SmugMug iPhone app all the time to create killer social media content. Within seconds, I can easily download a favorite image to the phone and attach it to my latest Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post.

The same process works in reverse, giving me the option to save any new pics directly to a cloud as long as I have Wifi access. Best of all, this means I can delete those images from the phone storage; I'm no longer taking up valuable storage space on my phone to save photos.

Save on Your SmugMug Subscription

If any of these reasons to use SmugMug interest you, be sure to use my affiliate link to sign up for your SmugMug subscription. By using this link you'll save 15% off your new subscription, no code needed!

Subscriptions start as low as $3.99/month for unlimited photos and videos. Trust me, friends; don't hesitate on this. If you want to see how I've customized my SmugMug portfolio, check out my site.

If you have any questions about how I use SmugMug to blog, be sure to email me or comment below. I'd be happy to help you get started using SmugMug today!

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Reasons to Use SmugMug | SmugMug Review | SmugMug Pricing | SmugMug Help | How to Use SmugMug | Why Use SmugMug | Is SmugMug Worth the Price | SmugMug for Bloggers | Photo Storage for Bloggers | SmugMug Tips | SmugMug Galleries | SmugMug Website

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