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6 Great Reasons to Use a Monopod

There are many reasons to use a monopod, but aspiring photographers may not know how amazing these little gadgets can be. I recently purchased a Benro Monopod and couldn't be more pleased with the results of my images using my new monopod. For those of you new to the photography game, let me explain why a monopod should be your next purchase.

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My Monopod Experience

As I've said before, I'm still learning about photography and what it takes to create a great image. Understanding concepts like aperture, ISO, and exposure are only part of photography. Composition and editing are also a huge part of making stellar images.

By far one of the most critical concepts to understand is lighting; getting better at low-light imagery is my new missions. I've often struggled with capturing clear, crisp images in low light. But, I may have found a new best friend: introducing my Benro Monopod! This bad boy has made all the difference in the world in my images, mainly my low-light pictures.

My first travel adventure with the monopod was my trip to New Orleans last summer. I found it to be super helpful when trying to capture the mood and ambiance of New Orleans at sunset. Not only was it super easy to use, but my monopod also doubled as a theft deterrent in what can be considered a high crime city. Who would want to get hit upside the head with a metal tube? Not me!

I was so pleased with the overall outcome of my images that I decided to start playing around with the monopod more. It will be going with me on my upcoming trip to Europe to help with getting clear, crisp shots of all the amazing attractions and storybook landscapes of Bavaria.

My Pics for your first monopod!

What to Consider When Purchasing a Monopod

When it comes to choosing a monopod, I went for something affordable, durable, and well-known. Not knowing how much I would use it, I went for a moderately priced Benro, a quality brand according to many major review sites. One look at my images and the cost was worth it. Some of these are instant classics in my collection, and I can't wait to see what I'm able to do with the monopod on future travels.

You will want to consider the weight and size of a monopod before making a purchase. Overall, you want the monopod to be super easy to carry and pack. The maximum height is another consideration, as you need to make sure the monopod extends to your eye level. For those of you still on the fence about purchasing a monopod, consider these six additional reasons to use a monopod.

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Image Stabilization

Most DSLR cameras come with internal image stabilization. And learning to hold your camera properly can also help decrease motion in your pictures. In properly lit settings, these two things are typically all you need to achieve sharp images. But take away the lighting source, and you've got a problem.

For those of you looking to capture motion in sports shots, flowing water, or moving objects, a monopod could be the perfect addition to your camera gear. A monopod allows you to increase your shutter speed to capture motion without blur. Trying to get the results you want without added image stabilization can be tough. The longer the shutter is open, the more opportunities for camera shake and movement to be captured, thus creating blur. The long shutter speed needed to achieve this effect is easy with a monopod. Who wants to get that perfect shot of a flowing river with the smooth water effect? Well, a monopod is what you need!

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Lightweight Support

My monopod is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 1.1 pounds. It's made of aluminum alloy, so it's lightweight and extremely durable. And lightweight is perfect for folks like me who have chronic pain issues from injuries or ailments. No more carrying around extra weight!

Another perk of the monopod is that it packs nicely in my carry-on luggage. You can see below I was able to get my monopod and my tripod in the same carry-on. Oddly enough, the tripod never left the suitcase! A monopod can also double as a walking stick or self-defense weapon, depending of course on your surroundings. I'm just saying...

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Ease of Use

Another great reason to carry a monopod is the ease of use. Compared to my tripod, my monopod is a no-brainer for travel. Often, I find myself fretting about taking my tripod with me to shoot. It weighs too much, adds bulk to my equipment, and takes to long to set up. Plus, a tripod isn't ideal for quick shooting, which is often the type of shooting I do while traveling.

On the contrary, a monopod is perfect for shooting on the go, as you're able to easily carry your camera and monopod in one hand without much difficulty. The number one best part of my monopod is the swivel mount, which makes it super easy to adjust my camera between portrait and landscape positions. Try to find a monopod with a quick release mount, easy twist or flip locks, and maximum height similar to your height.

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Better Depth of Field

For most travel photography, depth of field is everything. Unlike food photography or portraiture, travel photography typically includes distant objects or sweeping landscapes. Getting everything in focus is more than just adjusting your aperture and selecting a focal point, though. Camera shake can compromise the sharpness of distant objects, rendering your image less than stellar. Using a monopod also allows you to capture a deep depth of field, giving you maximum clarity of objects in the foreground and background.

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Low-Light = No Worries

You may already know that in low-light settings require technical skill to capture a well-lit, colorful image. When shooting in low light, it's tempting to increase the ISO to capture a well-lit image. This, however, can sacrifice image quality. Remember, the higher the ISO, the more grainy or pixelated your image will appear.

A better option is to adjust the exposure and decrease the shutter speed. But there's a problem with slowing down your shutter: blur. And that's where having a monopod can help! Stabilizing your camera can allow you to capture those low-light images without sacrificing image quality. The longer your shutter is open, the more light enters the camera and hits the sensor. A monopod is ideal for capturing sharp images with moderately slow shutter speeds in partially lit settings (think sunset/dusk).

Reasons to Use a Monopod: Makes You Look Cool

Using a monopod is not quite like getting instant street cred, but pretty darn close. Think about it. When you see someone shooting pictures using advanced equipment, you're more likely to believe they know what they're doing. Right? Chances are they do. And not just because of the equipment.

So much of photography is about the experience; that super cool person carrying a monopod has probably learned enough about shooting that they can give you a few tips and tricks for getting great shots. It's more than just fake it 'til you make it. Carrying a monopod is part of your attempt to perfect your craft. Eventually, you will be an expert, just keep shooting.

Still Not Sure?

Well, there you have it, folks. These are the 6 Best Reasons to Use a Monopod. Have you ever tried shooting with a monopod? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the experience. Be sure to comment below if you have any more reasons to use a monopod that you'd like to see added to this list.

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