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Is Pinfinite Growth worth buying? You better believe it!

So, you're curious about Pinfinite Growth? Maybe you've heard of the signature course from Melyssa Griffin and were wondering if you could believe all the hype? Do you want to know if buying Pinfinite Growth is worth it?

Well, guys, I'm here to tell you it's so totally worth it. It's ridiculously worth it. This course is slap-your-mama worth it! Let me explain.

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Does this sound familiar?

As a relatively new blogger, it's hard to know what to do and where to start. Thousands of people out there offering posts and courses on starting blogs, some better than others. And there are hundreds of people touting courses, eBooks and webinars on how to get incredible traffic generation results.

Even more frustrating are the flashy ads and sponsored posts promising fantastic results with little effort. Clearly, anyone who believes that blogging is easy hasn't tried it. Am I right?

So why would anyone buy into these programs, then? It's simple. They've reached a point of frustration and are willing to believe just about anything to make this work. I say this from experience, my friends. Not long ago I was there.

Maybe you can relate?

My weekends and evenings were dedicated to my blog, working to create what I thought was decent content. I was participating in Facebook groups sharing other people's content so they would share mine. Much of my free time was spent researching SEO, working on my site speed and doing just about anything to get more traffic.

And after logging long hours at work, I'd come home to the same abysmal analytics as the day before. Burnout was just around the corner; I was getting frustrated with one of the things I enjoyed doing the most: blogging.

About 11 months after the birth of my blog I found myself at a low point, wondering if all this work is even worth it. But I continued to create content and manage my growing social media accounts with little improvement in my traffic. I never hoped to make a full-time income from my blog, but I'd hoped to one day generate at least enough money to cover the monthly expenses of blogging eventually.

Nearly a year into blogging, my traffic was noticeably absent. My blogger friends kept posting about their amazing traffic numbers and wondering what I was doing wrong. What was I doing wrong?

But is Pinfinite Growth worth it?

Then one night I opened my email inbox to find an email from the Melyssa Griffin. I'd found her a couple of months before after stumbling on one of her pins on Pinterest. Her content had been helpful that I signed up right away for her newsletter. In return, I'd gotten access to her resource library filled with more helpful (FREE) content.

I remember having the impression that she cared about her audience and knew her stuff. Soon after implementing some of her suggestions I started to see real results. Needless to say, her emails were one of a few that I looked forward to receiving.

This particular email was all about her course Pinfinite Growth. The email promised improved website traffic and less time on social media. I clicked the link and whisked away to a beautiful landing page full of reviews, informative graphics and professional-looking content all of which was speaking my language.

Do you need more traffic? Yes. Are you spinning your wheels on social media? Yes. Do you need a way to generate traffic every month on auto-pilot? Yes, Yes, YES!

What kind of results can you expect?

Needless to say, I took the plunge and bought Pinfinite Growth, Melyssa's signature course. The fact that she was a blogger who knew my pain hooked me. Pinterest is fun, and I knew that it works for many of my friends, so her program seemed like a no-brainer.

In addition to the persuasive sales copy, Pinfinite Growth attracted me with its excellent features and bonuses:

lifetime access to the course, including future updates

60-day money back guarantee

Facebook group community led by Melyssa

100 days of Board Booster for FREE[spacer height="40px"]

Immediately after pressing the buy button, I received a personal message from Melyssa with my login credentials. It wasn't long before I was devouring the material, taking notes and making adjustments to my already existing Pinterest account.

I'll admit, I was skeptical. So, I worked through the content quickly just in case I wanted to request my money back within the allotted 60 days. Each day I dedicated time to watching the course videos. I even set aside a full Saturday to update content and make the changes she suggested to my account. Determined to get the most for my money, I set up shop at a local Starbucks with my laptop and many iced mochas and spent the day playing on Pinterest!

To my surprise, my hard work paid off. It wasn't long after that I began to notice real growth. More people were saving my pins. Soon after came more followers. Next came the website traffic. And, OMG, after that was the viral pin. The results were impressive and almost immediate! I couldn't believe my eyes when I started looking at my analytics. It was incredible!

Is that normal?

I began trolling the Facebook group watching for more results like mine. To my surprise, most people were saying the same thing! It gave me the spark of energy I needed not only to keep going but to create more content, more opt-ins and more ideas for future projects.

Now, just three months later, I've continued to see incredible growth in my Pinterest followers, going from 4.4k to 10.5k in about 14 weeks. My traffic has grown, too! Last month I more than doubled my monthly page views.

My bounce rate has dropped to 65%, the lowest since I've started blogging. I've gotten email subscribers from Pinterest, joined amazing new group boards and, best of all, put things on auto-pilot!

Would I buy Pinfinite Growth again?

The results I've gotten from Pinfinite Growth have more than impressed me. I've been inspired to create a course, a Facebook group and more. The course was worth every single penny!

I'm such a fan of Melyssa's that I recently signed up for her Facebook group and hope to enroll in her Blog to Biz Hive next year! I'm a total fangirl but who cares! This chick knows her stuff, and I, for one, have learned a ton from her.

Don't believe me? Give her 30 minutes and see for yourself. Check out one of her instructional videos on her YouTube channel. I know you'll walk away with some much value that you'll sign up for Pinfinite Growth in a hurry.

Seriously, guys, this course is legit! I can't say enough about my Pinfinite Growth experience. Still not convinced? Head over to my Pinterest page to see the results for yourself!

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    Melyssa Griffin
    December 30, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    You are so awesome. Reading this review totally filled me up and I am SO glad that you’ve had a positive experience with the course. I love that it’s helped you in ways beyond just getting more traffic, too. So great and well done! 🙂

    • Reply
      Carlie Dayle
      December 30, 2016 at 9:26 pm

      OMG OMG OMG!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post! It truly means so much!!! So many feels right now….not enough exclamation marks!!!!

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