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My Mission

I've worked hard to build a blog I'm proud of, and I've learned a lot along the way. My mission is to help you get a strong start so you can avoid the pitfalls and problems new bloggers often encounter. I've built a brand new website 100% dedicated to all things blogging. Plus, I've created The Spark Squad, a brand new Facebook group just for beginner bloggers. My mission is to create a safe and welcoming place where all new bloggers can get the help they need to create the blog of their dreams. Want to learn more?

Don't get overwhelmed, get serious. Successful blogging is all about planning, persistence, patience, and a little touch of pizazz!

  • Learn how to build a social media following the right way. 

  • Learn how to generate blog traffic. 

  • Learn how to build a blog your readers will love. 

  • Learn how to create a passive income with affiliate marketing. 

meet your new blogging coach

Carlie Dayle


Louisiana girl who left home in search of endless summer in sunny Southern California

Things I love!

taking photos




driving fast



learning new things

being silly

helping others

editing photos


content creation tips

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