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Great Gifts for Yoga Lovers: Ideas for Those Clueless About Yoga

Yoga can be life-changing. I'm a believer and have been for many years. Not only can yoga change your body, but it can also bring more balance and peace into your day-to-day life. Chances are, you've landed on this post because someone in your life is a true believer, too. Finding great gifts for yoga lovers can be tough if you don't practice yoga, so I've made it super simple for you! Below, you'll find yoga gifts that are sure to please the yogi in your life. Use this yoga gift guide to help shop for holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion!

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Why Do You Need a List of Great Gifts for Yoga Lovers?

Well, let's face it. If you're searching the web for yoga gift ideas, you likely don't know much about yoga. And that can make it hard to choose gifts your yoga lover wants or needs. As a long-time yoga practitioner, I've got a few ideas that could help you find the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. If you don't know what a "yogi" is, don't worry. It just means someone who practices yoga regularly. Those of you who needed me to clarify that, do your yogi a favor and keep reading!

Bring Yoga to Your Yogi with YogaGlo

The benefits of regular yoga practice are hard to describe to those who don't practice. Not only does yoga help you feel stronger and leaner, but it can also help improve your mental clarity, reduce stress, and sharpen your senses. Chances are, the yogi in your life already knows this! What they need is a way to practice more often and for less money! After all, that's the ultimate goal when it comes to great gifts for yoga lovers!

Enter YogaGlo, an innovative new online yoga program that brings yoga to you! For less than $20 per month, your yogi can enjoy unlimited yoga classes in the comfort of his or her home. And with thousands of classes to choose from, there's no way your yogi will tire of YogaGlo!

Members can choose classes based on experience level, duration, style of practice, an area of focus, and instructor. And the mobile app makes it easy to practice on the go, whether it's meditating on the train or practicing hatha in the hotel! Go ahead, give your yogi something to smile about with a gift membership to YogaGlo.

Yoga Mats and Bags for the Trendy Yogi

Every yogi knows the importance of a good yoga mat. After all, yoga practice is a mat-based practice. Mats can come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and designs. Thicker mats are great for yogis with arthritis or who practice on harder surfaces, while thin mats are great for travel or yogis on the go. Yoga bags can help keep your yogi's mat clean and protect it from wear & tear. Plus, bags with straps make it convenient and easy to transport mats in between classes. Check out these fun mats and bags for a little inspiration! After all, a real yoga lover can never have enough mats.

Stylish Yoga Clothing for Female Yogis

Fun, funky yoga clothing is the perfect for female yoga lover in your life. She'll turn heads in any one of the trendy styles from Fabletics (see the photos below). The innovative new workout wear company makes it easy to stay stylish in the gym. Ladies can sign up for monthly shipments of pre-selected tops, tanks, and leggings. Or they can shop for single pieces that fit their needs. A Fabletics gift card is a great place to start if you're unsure what to buy.

even more fun yoga clothing

Yogis who aren't so fashion-focused will still love any of the cute tops for a post-class cover-up. Send her to class in style with a sassy yogi tee or a comfy yoga sweater.

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Yoga Props for the Serious Yogi

As yogis progress in their practice, they often turn to yoga props to boost their reach and stabilize their pose. Props such as bolsters, blocks, straps, and slings make it easier to achieve that problematic pose or find a deeper stretch in the pose. Chances are, your yogi is using one or more of these yoga props at the yoga studio. So, why not bring the studio home with one or more of these props from trusted yoga brands!

Great Yoga Gear Every Yogi Will Love

Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a class. If you've got a serious yogi on your hands, then you probably already know that. As yogis become more dedicated to their practice, they start to look for ways to improve their practice and stay motivated.

Having fun yoga gear is a great way to help keep your yogi motivated and moving forward in their practice. Yoga-inspired mugs are a fun way to bring yoga to the office or to start the day with yoga.

Towels, gloves, socks, and slippers are great for developing a deeper practice and protecting yourself. Gripping surfaces can help prevent slips and falls, especially for lovers of hot yoga. And, trust me, the yogi in your life wants all these things!

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Jewelry Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Over time, yoga can take a more spiritual path for some yogis. Practice becomes less and less about poses and more about attaining balance and spiritual harmony. For the spiritual yogi, consider purchasing a handmade set of mala beads or a piece of yoga jewelry. Mala, or prayer beads, are traditional meditation tools that many people use when first beginning a meditation practice. Most are made from natural stones or beads and come with a specific number of beads. Other yoga jewelry usually features spiritual deities, gemstones, or crystals. If your yogi is spending more time looking inward, consider one of these great examples of yoga-centric pieces.

Meditation Aides for the Mindful Yogi

For those who've committed to meditation, aides and props may be on their wishlist. Meditation practice can be enhanced with certain aides, such as pillows, benches, or bolsters. Die-hard meditators might be interested in chimes, chakra crystals, or prayer flags, all of which can help your yogi achieve a state of enlightenment. Take a look at these cool meditation aides from trusted yoga retailers if you're shopping for a meditation lover.

Still Not Sure? Why Not Surprise Your Yogi?

Take the guesswork out of buying gifts for the yoga lover in your life by purchasing a subscription to Yogi Surprise! This cool new monthly subscription service features two levels of membership, both sure to please any yogi.

Level one is a monthly Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box subscription, available for only $24.99 per month (plus free s+h). Boxes include over $65+ worth of yoga-inspired fair trade jewelry and treats made in Bali.

Level two is a monthly Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box subscription, available for only $44.95 per month (plus free s+h). These boxes include over $70+ worth of full-sized yoga products, all vegetarian and GMO-free.

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