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Experience Magic City Now For a Limited Time

Most travelers know the value of a good museum. Museums are often the main attraction in cities around the globe. Nowadays, museums everywhere are focusing more and more on creating experiences for a modern, youthful audience. And Magic City, a traveling street art museum, is leading the way!

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Magic City | Street Art | Street Art Museum

A Traveling Street Art Museum?

Huh? That's what I said when I heard about Magic City while researching an upcoming trip to Munich. Our friends at Simply Munich suggested we check out Magic City after learning how much I love street art.

It just so happened that we would be visiting Munich while the traveling exhibition of street art was on display in Munich. After on quick look at the Magic City website, I quickly added the cool new museum concept to our list of must-see things to do in Munich.

Magic City is a compilation of original photographs, displays, and interactive exhibits designed to tell the story of street art throughout the years.  The mission of Magic City is to create awareness and to encourage discussion about the importance of street art in the modern political and social climates.

Why Street Art?

Since its inception back in the 1970s, street art has been controversial. The debate usually centers around one question: is it art or is it vandalism? While some may argue it's both, one thing is sure: street art is here to stay. And now, more than ever, it's becoming mainstream. Works by popular artists are highly sought after by collectors, galleries, and admirers.

Artists like Banksy and Shepherd Fairey routinely make headlines with their defiant, yet intelligent works. Other artists, such as Belin, focus less on politics and more on creating beautiful images of day-to-day life. And projects like Precita Eyes in San Francisco challenge everyday people to speak out against forces of oppression, racism, and injustice.

Regardless of the medium or subject matter, street art has advanced in the 30+ years since emerging on the scene in NYC. And while tagging is still popular with urban artists, street art has developed into a more complex medium.

Experiencing Magic City

Recanting the history of street art is best left to the experts, somthing Magic City achieved with great success. The exhibition begins with a detailed history of street art in the US and Europe with a strong focus on Munich's role in the art movement. Original photos of 1980's art and artists of NYC accompany miniature recreations of the original street art canvas: subway trains.

As visitors progress through the museum, they emerge into a world of color, light, and sound meant to transfix and transform. Works from artists around the world challenge viewers to reflect on a variety of subjects including self-awareness, politics, genocide, racism, global warming, gender equality, and more.

Many of the displays are interactive, and visitors are encouraged to engage with works by taking photos or videos to share on social media. Throughout the museum people can be seen playing around, taking selfies, and talking about the works. This is definitely not your mother's museum!

More than Just Street Art

In addition to the magnificent collection of street art and artifacts, Magic City offers visitors other ways to experience the street art movement. Visitors can learn more about works and artists using an interactive digital guide stored on recycled iPhones. They can also enjoy a quick snack at the Magic Cafe while waiting for tours, events, or an instructive film.

Also, the interactive Magic Lab gives artists of all ages a chance to practice their street art skills. And afterward, they can score a cool souvenir from the street art shop located at the entrance to the exhibit. Magic City has something for everyone, making it the perfect spot for family vacationers.

Find More Information on Magic City

Unfortunately, Magic City is only in Munich for a limited time. The exhibition closes for the last time on September 3, 2017. But travelers can catch Magic City next in Stockholm beginning October 28, 2017. For more information about Magic City, be sure to check out the Magic City website.

Where to Find More Street Art in Munich

As the story goes, Munich was at the center of the street art movement in Germany. And while places like Berlin later held the spotlight, Munich has continued to be a significant influence in the world of street art.

Organizations like Positive Propaganda continue to blaze new territory by working closely with local government to promote their city's amazing street art. Visit the Positive Propaganda website to learn more about the non-profit's mission and latest projects. If you're in search of street art, be sure to check out the handy street art map to plan your own Munich street art tour.

Museum-lovers rejoice! There's another place you can see street art in Munich even after Magic City is gone. Munich is the permanent home to Germany's first Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art.

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