Don't Miss These Classic Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Creating a signature style is something that came easy to me. My mother has always been stylish in her own way. She's a huge fan of vintage jewelry, flowing skirts, and loose-fit pieces made of organic materials. Yes, she's a hippy. And it's her gypsy ways that have inspired my own personal style. I, too, love vintage jewelry, cotton, and flowing cuts. But I'd have to say that my own personal style is a bit more classic. My other style inspirations: living in California, hard work (I'll explain later), and comfort. All of these inspired me to blend classic basics with vintage flair. Read on to discover how to create a personal style full of classic wardrobe essentials.

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Classic Wardrobe Essentials for Women (1 of 2)

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Stylish Work Clothes

Young professionals often overlook the importance of style when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Let's face it. We get comfortable in jeans & t-shirts in college, so making the switch to pumps and tailored suits can be tough. Keeping up with trends doesn't get you noticed at work (unless you work in the fashion industry), but classic wardrobe essentials that are timeless and classy will always turn heads in the halls. Look for cuts and styles that don't go out of style. Avoid busy prints and stick with classic colors that you can easily accessorize. Splurge, when necessary, on quality fabrics or designer pieces that you can wear again and again.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Relaxed Weekend Wear

Stylish living starts with stylish clothing. And moving to SoCal made living stylishly more of a priority for me. My closet is filled with relaxed cuts, cotton fabrics, and classic pieces that I wear to work and play. Easy-fitting clothing epitomizes the SoCal style. Choose quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Look for colors and cuts that compliment your style, skin tone, and shape to ensure the most use. Have go-to pieces for a relaxed weekend look that screams stylish!

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Vintage Inspired Accessories

Accessories are the best way to change a look from day to night. And vintage-inspired accessories are a great way to jazz up a number. Look for quality materials in stylish cuts and shapes that will compliment your classic wardrobe essentials. Cat-eye glasses, quality leather bags, and soft scarves are my go-to looks.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Comfortable Stylish Footwear

As you age, you learn the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. No, I'm not talking about the kind your grandmother wears. Comfortable shoes can be stylish, too. I look for brand that I know and trust when shopping for shoes: Born, Miz Mooz, Clarks, and more. Quality leather, arch support, and padded toes are some of the qualities I appreciate in footwear.

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Best Skin Care Products

While I may not focus on beauty very much in my content, I definitely care about my hair and skin. Over the years, I've begun to care even more. Battling wrinkles has taken on a new meaning in my house. Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished is important no matter how old you are, but there's something about 35 that makes good skin care urgent. I use each and every one of the products you see below to take care of my hair and skin. And, sister, 37 has never looked so good!

Classic Wardrobe Essentials: Stylish Home Goods

Working professionals know the importance of having a comfortable and stylish home. After all, you work hard, so why shouldn't your home show it!? Use modern, classic pieces of furniture and home decor to spruce up your space. Create a stylish living environment that you'll want to come home to day after day.

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