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How a Blog is Born: The Story of a Cajun in Cali

Curious about why or how a blog is born? After all, who blogs anymore anyway? Isn't blogging sooo 2008? Well, to learn more about why this blog exists we'll need to flashback to summer 2015. I was in Florence, Italy. An incredible 2-week vacation was coming to an end. I'd just photographed a random fountain on some random street when it dawned on me. "What am I going to do with all these photos?" At that point, I'd taken thousands of photos of Italy and had no clue what would happen to all those beautiful pictures. Suddenly, and like a sudden bolt of lightning, the idea for this blog came to me.



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Really? A Blog?

There I was on the streets of Florence having a bit of a crisis. What was the point of taking all these great photos if no one was ever going to see them? Sure, I could put them up on Facebook. I could print them to hang around the house. But was that enough?

It was while pondering these questions that the switch flipped. Suddenly everything was simple and made complete sense. It was decided then and there. I'd BLOG again. Never, ever did I see that one coming.

The truth is, I thought my blogging days were long past. My poor little food blog died in 2011 after a three-year run. And my desire to write seemed to have died along with it. But, standing in the streets of Florence, the idea of blogging just felt right.

But what would I blog about?

Having decided to blog again, the next step was to figure out what in the world I'd write about? I knew if I wanted to include my travel photography, then travel had to be a big part of any new blog. But did I know enough about travel to write consistently? After all, I'd only really been traveling regularly since 2009.

But standing in the streets of Florence, it became clear that travel had become my greatest love. Happy days spent away from work soothe my soul and replenishes my spirit. And I knew I couldn't be the only person my age that had fallen in love with travel.

I came home on a mission: I wanted to start a travel blog. Honestly, I'd never really seen or read a travel blog before that summer. While researching for our trip to Italy, I'd used Pinterest to search for ideas of things to do in Rome and Florence. It was then that I first encountered a travel blog. The helpful content I found gave me tons of ideas about places to shop, eat, and take travel photos. But how do I replicate that while being authentic and honest about my limited travel experiences?

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

It was then that I realized just how much had changed in my life since my first trip abroad in 2009. Not only had I been abroad several more times, I learned a lot about ways to save money, stay safe, and maximize time while traveling. So, like any creative spirit, I decided to go for it!

Several months later, the post was published. It took a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to say and how to say it. Since the birth of this blog, my writing style has developed and strengthened, so much so that I'm now going back over old content with fresh eyes and a deeper knowledge of what my readers want and need. It took a while, but I've finally found my voice! My knowledge of blogging has grown exponentially, so much so that I'm now helping others create travel blogs!

In fact, the older this blog gets, the more momentum it has. I'm writing more regularly than ever, producing new, helpful content each week. And while I've veered off the path from time to time, much of what I write about is travel-related. This blog has created opportunities for me to travel solo, experience new places, meet new people, and much more.

So, What's Next?

Blogging has been a labor of love, but with the growing success of this blog, I can honestly say it's been worth it. I plan to continue writing about travel, photography, and general lifestyle content for years to come. And, while I'll never be a full-time traveler, I promise to use every last hour of my paid time off to see the world.

My goal is to prioritize local travel in 2018. I want to focus less on out-of-reach places by highlighting the adventures available to us right outside our door. This year will also be the year my photography will take center stage as I aim to teach others how to use their camera and how to create stunning edits with Lightroom.

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    Britt |
    April 19, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Great blog! I am really enjoying reading it 🙂

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      April 22, 2016 at 6:07 am

      Aw, thanks Britt! I enjoy writing it 🙂

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